Making a More Comfortable Bed

The mattresses on the Eurovan camper or any VW camper are notoriously uncomfortable.  Maybe it’s because I’m 51 and my boyfriend in 62, or maybe it’s because they are nothing more that a foam pad on top of a hard platform.

After some research, thanks to TheSamba Forum, I decided to buy a superking memory foam mattress pad, since one of them cut in two makes two mattress pads for the upper and lower bunks.  A recent sale on had all sizes of two inch Serta memory foam pads priced at $80 so I jumped on it.  We measured the bunks and cut the pad exactly in half by making a couple of marks on the pad and then snapping a chalk line.  The easiest way to cut the foam is to use scissors and just cut along the line.

Another way to make your bed more comfortable is to take the mattress from one bunk and put it on taop of the other.  This obviously only works if you are using just one bunk.

Sheets and pillows make a difference.  I know people take sleeping bags, but somehow sheets just feel more like home, and when you live in the South like I do, there’s a limited season where you need a sleeping bag.  I bought full sized sheets.  If you buy them, make sure there is elastic all the way around the fitted sheet for a better fit.

There is always the issue of which bed to use and the upper and lower bunks both have their pros and cons.

So far we’ve been sleeping in the bottom bunk.

Upper bunk


  • It’s like sleeping in a tree house
  • You don’t have to put the bed away completely to use the downstairs
  • better ventilation due to all the screens


  • You have to move the bed back to have all your headroom in the galley
  • It’s more difficult to get out of bed for nighttime bathroom visits
  • You lose all that great storage up there when the pop top is up
  • It’s more difficult to make the bed
  • the mattress is more uncomfortable than in the bottom bunk

Lower Bunk:


  • It’s easy to get in and out of bed
  • You can slide out of bed and make coffee
  • It;s easy to make the bed


  • With the bed out, you can’t access the main cabinet in the galley
  • You have to put the bed away to use the bench seat in the back
  • You have to move all the stuff from the back to the top or elsewhere
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